S1E3: Mædmen

When you come home, the apartment is clean and smells of freshly baked bread. When you come home, we’ll watch ‘Mad Men’ with each our lager beer.

I’m not fond of washing. I know how to dust, but I’m pretty sloppy. Before I met you, some would call me a slob. But now I know where to put in the effort. When you come home, the apartment is clean, and the lavatory smells good. When you come home, you will get a fancy grouse dinner for two.

I’m not fond of shooting, so ‘grouse’ doesn’t mean of the self-caught kind. Still, I’m macho enough to enjoy bragging about the food you will get when we meet again. When you come home, we’ll have to go exercising, so we can eat even more. When you come home, and the grouse is eaten, there’s Daim cake for dessert. And along with the dessert, we’ll go straight for the Netflix series. When you come home, we’ll watch Mad Men – a whole season!

We dig Don Draper and the ad drama ladies. But the life we lead, wouldn’t make much of a drama series. ‘Cause I’ve got the one I prefer – she who is able to make me happy. And I’m not having any ‘affair’: No, I only hang around with Don when you have come home, and I watch ‘House of Cards’ while I’m home alone.

When you come home, the apartment is clean, and I smell of food. When you come home, you’re up for a fancy grouse dinner. When you come home, don’t be late, ‘cause we start right away. When you come home for episode one of a new Mad Men season.

Mad Men!


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